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Some Old Online Commentaries

            A cornucopia of free resources for the study of the New Testament awaits the visitor at – examples include McNeile’s 1927 Introduction to the New Testament, about 100 articles relevant to the Gospel of Matthew,  about 80 articles relevant to Mark, over 100 articles relevant to Luke, and many more articles and other materials relevant to John.

            Inspired by this display of generous erudition, I thought it might be helpful to provide links to free downloadable files of the Cambridge Commentary for Schools and Universities – sharing the perspectives of some major league scholars of yesteryear – and the Commentaries for Schools, which was edited by C. J. Ellicott, who was the author of (among other things) Considerations on the Revision of the English Version of the New Testament; he was instrumental in the production and promotion of the Revised Version.  John Burgon interacted with some of Ellicott’s text-critical considerations in The Revision Revised.
Cambridge Commentaries for Schools and Universities:

Gospel of Matthew, by A. Carr, 1878 (1908 edition)
Gospel of Mark, by G. F Maclear, 1879
          Gospel of Mark, by A. Plummer, 1920
Gospel of Luke, by F. W. Farrar, 1882
Gospel of John, by A. Plummer, 1882
Acts 1-14, by J. R. Lumby, 1879
Acts 15-28, by J. R. Lumby, 1882
          Acts (Revised), by C. W. Watson, 1908
Romans, by R. St. John Parry, 1912  
First Corinthians, by J. S. Lias, 1892
Second Corinthians, by A. Plummer, 1903
Galatians, by A. L. Williams, 1914
Ephesians, by H. C. G. Moule, 1893
Philippians, by H. C. G. Moule, 1897
Colossians & Philemon, by A. L. Williams, 1907
First & Second Thessalonians, by G. G. Findley, 1904
First & Second Timothy and Titus, by A. E. Humphreys, 1895
          First & Second Timothy and Titus, by J. H. Bernard, 1899
Hebrews, by F. W. Farrar, 1893
James, by A. Carr, 1905 
First Peter, by G. W. Blenkin, 1914
Second Peter and Jude, by E. H. Plumptre, 1893
Epistles of John, by A. Plummer, 1890
Revelation, by W. A. Simcox, 1893

Also by E. H. Plumptre:

Commentary for Schools (edited by Charles John Ellicott) (1879)

Gospel of Matthew, by E. H. Plumptre
Gospel of Mark, by E. H. Plumptre
Gospel of Luke, by E. H. Plumptre
Gospel of John, by H. W. Watkins
Acts, by E. H. Plumptre
Romans, by W. Sanday (from the International Critical Commentary set)
First Corinthians, by T. T. Shore
Second Corinthians, by E. H. Plumptre
Galatians, Ephesians, and Philippians, by W. Sanday and A. Barry
Colossians, First & Second Thessalonians, and First and Second Timothy, by A. Barry, A. J. Mason, and H. D. M. Spence
Titus, Philemon, Hebrews, and James, by H. D. M. Spence, A. Barry, W. F. Moulton, and E. G. Punchard
First Peter, Second Peter, First John, Second John Third John, and Jude, by A. J. Mason, A. Plummer, and W. M. Sinclair
Revelation, by W. B. Carpenter

Ellicott’s commentaries collected together in three volumes:
          Some readers may find it handy to download these volumes onto a flash-drive, to ensure that they will be readily available.  Others may want to use the “My Library” feature at Google Books to add them to their own customizable collection of virtual books.

Readers are invited to double-check the data in this post.

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