Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Stavros Collection - More MSS at Jerusalem

            Among the manuscripts kept by the Jerusalem Patriarchate is the Hagios Stavros collection, which formerly (as far as I can tell) was housed on Cyprus.  Images of those manuscripts, except for some relatively young copies, have been released by the Library of Congress. (The images, taken in 1949-1950 by an expedition led by Kenneth W. Clark, are mostly from microfilm.)  Of the 90 photographed manuscripts, 16 contain substantial portions of the New Testament. Here is a list of the New Testament manuscripts in the Hagios Stavros (“Holy Cross”) collection, with embedded links to their online page-views:
This page of GA 1895 has
patristic commentary along
with the text.
Acts 28:29 is included.

GA 1350:  Hagios Stavros 46 – Four Gospels (1100’s, 1300’s) This was catalogued as an Evangelion, but it is a continuous-text manuscript of the four Gospels.  Beginning of MatthewBeginning of MarkBeginning of Luke. Beginning of John
GA 1351:  Hagios Stavros 74 – Gospels (900’s) (Damaged; begins with Mark)
            Beginning of LukeBeginning of John.  (Arabic note precedes the chapter-list for John.)
            (Damaged at the end; last page with text ends near the end of John 5:4.)
GA 1895:  Hagios Stavros 25 – Acts and General Epistles, with Commentary (800’s/900’s) The commentary includes excerpts from the writings of Athanasius, John Chrysostom, Cyril of Alexandria, Basil of Caesarea, and others.  Scripture-texts, interspersed with the commentary, are indented and accompanied by diple-marks (>) in the margin.  Beginning of James

Hagios Stavros 26 – Evangelion (1000’s) Greek-Arabic in parallel columns
Hagios Stavros 67 – Apostolos (1000’s) An interesting copy with sporadic notes in the margin.

Also of note:
Hagios Stavros 96 – Psalter (800’s) This manuscript, written in a sloping uncial script, has an abundance of marginalia.    

Some of these manuscripts have not received much attention from researchers.  A few research-papers might be just waiting to happen as a result of the availability of these images.

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