Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Major Early Uncials of the Gospels: Online Access

This week, digital images of Codex Vaticanus (B, 03) came online, allowing viewers to see every page of that extremely important Biblical manuscript.  Most of the major early uncial parchment manuscripts containing the Greek text of the Gospels (or portions of the Gospels) are now online.  Manuscript-digitization are underway not only at the Vatican Library but also at the British Library, the University of Chicago, and other institutions.  The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts continues to add to its extensive collection of manuscript-images.      

Here is a list of embedded links to images or PDFs of some major New Testament uncials.  (Clicking on a name will take you to the images, or to a page that features a download-PDF option):
Codex Sinaiticus  (
, 01):
Codex Alexandrinus (A, 02):
Codex Vaticanus (B, 03):
Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus (C, 04)
Codex Bezae (D, 05)
Codex Seidelianus (G, 011) 

Codex Regius (L, 019)
Codex Campianus (M, 021)
Codex Guelpherbytanus B (Q, 026)
Codex Nitriensis (R, 027) 
Codex Washingtoniensis (W, 032)
Codex Monacensis (X, 033) 
Codex Sangallensis (Δ, 037)
Codex Beratinus [one of the Purple Uncials] (Φ, 043)
Codex Macedonianus (Y, 034)

Some manuscripts representing versions of the Gospels are also online:
Latin Gospels of Augustine of Canterbury
Latin Saint Cuthbert's Gospel of John
Latin Book of Kells 

Latin St. Chad/Lichfield Gospels
Coptic Lycopolitan Gospel of John 

Gothic Codex Argenteus
Syriac (Peshitta) Khabouris Codex 
Syriac (Harklean) Mingana Collection, Syriac 124
Armenian Sargis Gospels/Gospels of the Translators  
Ethiopic Tigray Gospels
Slavonic Chrysanthus Gospels

Old English Bath Gospels

In addition, images of minuscule Greek manuscripts of the Gospels, as well as manuscripts of the Gospels in other languages, can be viewed (either page-by-page, or in downloadable PDF's) at CSNTM, the Digitized Manuscripts Collection at the British Library (enter "Gospels" in the Quicksearch box), the Goodspeed Manuscript Collection, the website of the Leimonos Monastery, the Parker Library on the Web, the Digital Walters Art Museum, the World Digital Library, and the George Grey Collection.

Lots of New Testament papyri are online, too, such as the pages of Papyrus 46 at the University of Michigan.  But that's a subject for another day.

O what challenging times in which we live!  


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