Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Defending Inerrancy and Mark 16:9-20 -- Aren't You Glad They're Not Lying?

Today, lets look briefly at claims made by Dr. Norman Geisler about Mark 16:9-20.  This shows the contents of part of the Defending Inerrancy website, accompanied by my comments.  (And although the inaccuracies that are being spread by Dr. Geisler and the Defending Inerrancy website are pretty bad, the ones spread by John MacArthur are even worse.  And dont even get me started about the Credo Courses from Dallas Theological Seminary professors.)


Peter Gurry said...

James, the egregious errors notwithstanding, the phrase "that would be a lie if..." seems like an altogether weak way to make an argument. That's a shame because these errors ARE worth pointing out.

James Snapp Jr said...

I'm not making any arguments in this graphic -- just simple observations. But in any event: perhaps you could write to Dr. Geisler and company using an altogether stronger approach. If so, please let me know how it goes.