Saturday, February 11, 2017

Michael J. Kruger and the Ending of Mark

          I appreciate a lot of Dr. Michael J. Kruger’s work, but his recent lecture on the ending of Mark contained so many inaccuracies, and ignored so much of the evidence, that I felt compelled to respond.  Here, therefore, is my counter-lecture.
          I encourage you to watch it  its just 17 and a half minutes long  on a desktop computer, to ensure that the annotations will be visible.
         The URL is .

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Ken Ganskie said...

Thank you again, Mr. Snap, for your insights and defence of traditional texts based not on subjective criteria, but on the evidence. Keep up the good work, I have been praying that the Lord would raise up conservative scholars who would resist the blind allegiance to the critical textual movement that is all-to evident in our evangelical circles.

I will continue to pray for more voices like yours.

God Bless,

Ken Ganskie